The World's First EcoNFT Marketplace

Bloci and Hendwr Farm have built a partnership to create this innovative online marketplace, Bloci Eco NFT Marketplace, using Blockchain technology.

The purpose of these eco NFTs is for peatland restoration, biodiversity, and environmental improvements from verifiable UK sources.

Bloci Eco NFT Marketplace combines NFTs together to build up a metaverse of environmental opportunities for businesses to invest in.

Owning an NFT is proof of the investment made to improve the environment.

At the same time this initiative will provide much needed additional income to farmers and land managers.

Eco benefits include – lower flood risks, better water quality (filtering effect of peatland), improved biodiversity, better habitat for wildlife, and carbon sequestration, storage and capture.

By including this carbon capture, the selected land sites will also provide further future recurring revenue to farmers in Wales.

With Blockchain technology we aim to eliminate ‘Greenwash’ and reduce fraud in this sector in the UK and make it easier for businesses to improve their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) credentials.

The blockchain is to keep a permanent record of the work that has been undertaken and will be visible to view independently on the blockchain to prevent greenwashing or any kind of fraudulent resale.

A Proof of Stake block chain will be used to limit the environmental impact of this project.

What is Peatland and how do you improve it?

For Carbon Offsetting go to Our Sister Site

BlociCarbon sells carbon offsetting credits from reputable and traceable UK organisations which can be Independently Verified via the Blockchain. Buying from BLOCI encourages landowners to become Carbon Positive – selling their carbon credits enables others to be carbon neutral.

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